Work in your free time
Choose a convenient schedule in the mornings, evenings or at weekends and earn up to 150,000 tenge per month
Work for popular companies like:
Work close to home
No need to waste time on the road
Decent payment
Payouts are higher than those at 80% of similar positions
Flexible schedule
Part-time work from 5 to 12 hours
Weekly card payments
Official employment with the contract
Got interested? Apply now!
How to become an EasyTap Contractor?
  1. Send your application
2. Fill out the form
3. Wait for a call from our manager
4. Read the contract and go to your shift
5. Get paid within a week
What documents do I need?
1. Identification
2. Sanitary book
3. Vaccination passport* (if necessary)
How many hours a day do I need to work?
You can choose shifts from 5 to 11 hours
Send your application and we will select a convenient schedule!
Where can you work?
Reviews of our Contractors
When can I get my payment?
Salary is paid every Wednesday to a bank card. Payment is sent only to your card.
Cash payments or third party’s cards are prohibited.
Will I be fined for being late?
No. We do not fine contractors, but for being late or refusing a shift less than 12 hours in advance, we block for a certain period.
What are the rules at EasyTap?
Cancellation of a shift less than 12 hours before the start of a shift - blocking for 7 days
Repeated refusal of a shift less than 12 hours before the start - blocking for 30 days
Late for a shift up to 20 minutes - a warning
Late from 20 to 60 minutes - blocking for 3 days
Late for a shift for more than 60 minutes - blocking for 5 days
3 delays - blocking for 30 days
I signed the Contract, but a shift has not been offered. What to do?
If the Contractor is not offered a job, then the employer does not need temporary employees. You should wait for the manager's call.
Is it necessary to have a vaccination certificate?
No, not all vacancies require a vaccination passport.
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