Need short-term employees at peak hours?
Cut your expenditures on staff recruitment and training up to 30%
You no longer need to spend time on recruiting, checking necessary documents, and conducting interviews.

The EasyTap service will solve these issues instead!
one of employees goes on vacation, is ill or is studying
new outlets open
there is a short but regular routine work, on which there is no point in wasting the time of staff members
there is not enough staff during peak hours
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EasyTap will help if:
What staff can we provide?
● Cashiers
● Sellers (display of goods)
● Warehouse specialists (loaders, cleaners)
● Grocery cart operators
● Loader drivers
● Cooks
● Bakers
● Confectioners
● Butchers
● Kitchen workers (washing equipment) etc.
Why the EasyTap service?
We take care of all the verification and accompany the contractors:

  1. We check the identity card, sanitary book, vaccination passport
  2. We control the validity of documents
  3. We conduct interviews
  4. We control the shift attendance
  5. We find a substitution if necessary
6. We make payments to the Contractors
We compensate for the shortage if the Contractor takes money from the cash desk
We substitute the Contractor if he is not suitable for the tasks
We help small businesses and established brands grow and reach their full potential.
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